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Village on Stilts

the_bookmarked PDF

the_bookmarked PDF

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A PDF of the_bookmarked. The perfect item for the curious to see what it's all about.

Wield books off your shelf as if they were spellbooks in a vast post-post-apocalyptic future. 

Of all the books on all the shelves in all the libraries of this planet, which ones will scavengers of the future uncover? The passing of an eon can make a sacred tome out of even the most mundane pamphlet, bearing secrets of practices long forgotten.

In this game you use a book from your shelf as a sci-fi spellbook, called a Cipher, to traverse the verdant ruins of an advanced civilization. Your Cipher can take control of powerful, ancient robotic technology by reprogramming them using words from your book. 

We crammed all we could into this little zine. GMs can find everything they need to craft their adventures with 11 customizable scenarios and over 50+ modular obstacles and encounters. Players can select from five character classes, using beautifully illustrated bookmarks to cast 30+ spells on their adventures through the wilds.

“Finally, a way to justify that pile of unread books on your shelf!” –Dicebreaker

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